Modern Fireplace Ideas

Modern Fireplace Ideas

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Napoleon Alluravision™ 100 Deep Depth Electric Fireplace


Total Max (BTU) 9000
Fuel Type Electric
Weight (Lbs) 130
Width (Inches)


Height (Inches)


Depth (Inches)


*Base unit price. Additional items may be required to customize and complete this product.

Napoleon Alluravision™ 100 Deep Depth Electric Fireplace allows you to see the fireplace and not the frame with its nearly frameless linear design. As a contemporary electric fireplace, the frameless modern look is just as important as its functionality. Easy to use, the plug and play installation allows this unit to be hung on the wall and turned on immediately. The Alluravision™ 100 can also be hardwired in to hide plugs. Select from four flame colors, yellow, orange, blue, and multi-colored and with five different flame speeds, further ensure the perfect atmosphere for any space. Illuminate the firebox without flame using the NIGHT LIGHT™ to boost ambient light and create a warm glow. Add the driftwood logs for increased hearth-like elegance. Enjoy the Alluravision™ 100 all year round with separate flame and heat controls.


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