Modern Fireplace Ideas

Modern Fireplace Ideas

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Napoleon Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace CEFL42FH


Total Max (BTU) 5000
Fuel Type Electric
Weight (Lbs) 44
Width (Inches)


Height (Inches)


Depth (Inches)


Base unit price. Additional items may be required to customize and complete this product.

Change the look of an entire room simply by hanging Continental’s Napoleon Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace CEFL42FH Continental Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace on the wall. This electric fireplace pumps out 5,000 BTU’s and will easily heat a room that is up to 400 sq. ft. Control heat output, flame height and brightness, and flame color with the touch of a button. Hang this electric fireplace with ease on the wall of any room. There is no need for gas fitters or other expensive installation professionals. This electric fireplace won’t intrude on your space thanks to the ultra slim, 5-inch depth. Placing Continental’s newest Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace in any room will make a huge impact.


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