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Modern Fireplace Ideas

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Hanging or Mounting TV over Fireplace

They can look great, but you should exercise caution before mounting your TV above a fireplace.

There are three things to consider if you plan on mounting or hanging a television above your fireplace.

First, place a fireplace mantel over your fireplace. The mantel will help block heat from rising to the TV, enabling it to stay cooler.

Second, recess the TV into the wall further, insulating the TV.

Third, check your TV’s owner’s manual to make sure this can be done, without interfering with the TV’s proper location. The fireplace owner’s guide should tell you how far your fireplace must be away from any combustible material. Always follow the directions given regarding maintaining safe clearance.

Never sacrifice style for safety, and always mount your TV as far away as your fireplace requires


Type of fireplace makes a BIG difference…..


This is the ideal choice to hang below a TV because the amount of heat focused on your TV will be minimal. Electric fireplaces produce heat that is directed out towards the room, not directly above it.

Woodburning Fireplaces

A woodburning fireplace’s design means that heat exits through the chimney, which helps keep high temperatures away from your TV.


Due to the amount of intense heat produced by these units, this would be a bad option.


Direct Vent Fireplaces

Direct vent fireplaces can produce quite a lot of heat so you will need to review the clearance requirements. You may find it worth investing in an accessory called a blower. This will push heat away from the TV and out towards the room.



Ventless fireplaces or Vent-Free gas logs are also poor options. This is because the heat they produce stays inside the room, meaning your TV will likely get very hot.


Final Thoughts…

Electronics and heat don’t mix. The delicate circuitry that controls electronics heat up and can stop working, almost certainly voiding your warranty.


Modern Fireplace Ideas does not recommend that you hang a television over your gas or wood fireplace.


Check your TV’s owner’s manual before mounting or hanging it. Again, never sacrifice style for safety, and always mount your TV as far away as your fireplace requires.

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